Hidden Valley: Hidden Treasure For Riverside

Some 84 species of birds were observed at the HVWA since the completion of construction in March. Up to five Least Bell's Vireo, an dangered bird species, were also spotted at the site.

Hidden Valley Wildlife Area (HVWA) is truly the hidden treasure of Riverside, California. Suffering for years from unrealized potential, the area consists of over 1500 acres of park land. Through the cooperative efforts of several agencies and citizen groups the Hidden Valley Wetlands Enhancement Project (WEP) has become an environmental jewel that promises to provide the community with years of recreation, education, research, and water quality improvements.

The project is a unique example of inter-agency cooperation meeting the collective goals of the community. HVWA now supports multiple benefits:

  • Restoration of high quality riparian habitat (supporting native and transient migratory wildlife)
  • Reliable water supply for wetlands ecosystem
  • Local groundwater recharge
  • An interpretive center for environmental education
  • Trails for recreation and equestrian activities
  • Mitigation of non-native vegetation, wildlife protection, all with the coordination of local agency resources

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