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Top Stories - January 22, 2015


Announcing the 2015 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award Contest

Do you design, construct, install, maintain or otherwise have a stormwater BMP that you are particularly proud of? Was it installed in 2010 or after? Does it exist in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (not necessary for the 'Outside the Bay' category)? Then you should consider submitting your project for consideration! Winner takes all and by that we mean $5,000 smackeroos!

Designed to recognize innovators who have formulated new and innovative techniques for managing stormwater in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the BUBBAs offer an avenue through which we can disseminate innovative techniques to communities who can benefit from the lessons learned during the implementation of these techniques. We understand that every urban BMP faces a unique set of challenges. The BUBBAs are not an opportunity to lament about the problems a project has faced, but to boast about the creative approaches groups have used to overcome those problems. By showcasing innovative best management practices and low impact design, we hope to promote the application of unique, effective solutions to stormwater management challenges throughout the watershed.

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Layfield Awarded Rights to Distribute E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids in the U.S.

Layfield Construction Products, a business unit of Layfield Group Ltd., has been awarded the rights to distribute E'GRID® Biaxial Geogrids in the United States, reinforcing the company's position as a leading provider of polypropylene geogrids for use in road-building applications.

The agreement between NewGrids Ltd. and Layfield Construction Products expands on Layfield's capabilities to deliver innovative products and conscientious solutions for customers as a leading designer and installer of geosynthetic systems in North America. The company has held distribution rights for E'GRID Biaxial Geogrids in Canada for more than five years.

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International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals Announces Its Hydroseeding Certification Program

The IAHP is proud to announce that it has released its Hydroseeding Certification Program to the Industry. A number of companies have already completed the qualification and testing phases of the program and are now recognized as Certified Hydroseeding Professionals. As the program moves forward it is meant to become the standard in the industry by which professional hydroseeding contractors can be recognized. To qualify for the program the applicant must exhibit knowledge and experience in the hydroseeding industry and then pass a rigorous exam designed to test the applicants knowledge in Basic Hydroseeding, Business Operations, Soil and Fertility Basics, Turfgrass Science and Erosion Control.

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Douglas A. Baker Receives Certificate of Appreciation from ASTM International

Springfield Plastics, Inc. is proud to announce that Douglas A. Baker has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for leadership, service and contributions made as a member of Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems of ASTM International. This prestigious honor is the result of hard work and dedication to his field. Mr. Baker has made various contributions in his role as a subcommittee member. As a recipient of this award Mr. Baker will join a distinguished few, including some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Mr. Baker is the Engineering Manager of Springfield Plastics, Inc. He is responsible for product and manufacturing equipment design, process evaluation, troubleshooting and project management. He has been with the company for 31 years. He also serves on the technical research committee at the Plastic Pipe Institute.

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