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Top Stories - June 18, 2015


Raven Industries’ Launches New Geomembrane Product Line

Raven Industries’ Engineered Films Division (NASDAQ:RAVN), an innovative manufacturer of specialty plastic film and sheeting, has announced the launch of a new flexible geomembrane product line designed to provide effective containment solutions for the energy and environmental sectors. HydraFlex™ Containment ­Solutions is the newest addition to the Raven product line and includes several targeted geomembranes designed for specific project attributes. All HydraFlex™ products are available in master rolls or large prefabricated one-piece panels, manufactured in a factory-controlled environment up to 8,000 lbs per panel with a wide sealing-window for ease of field installation.

HydraFlex™ Ultra:

HU-Series geomembranes are produced with very flexible linear-low density polyethylene resin to provide exceptional elongation, tensile and impact strengths.

HydraFlex™ Pro:

HP-Series geomembranes are co-extruded linear-low density polyethylene developed for applications requiring enhanced flexibility along with a combination of high tensile strength and impact resistance.


H-Series materials are co-extruded geomembranes consisting of outer layers of virgin grade linear-low density polyethylene with an inner core of virgin and select reprocessed resins.

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Model Could Help Engineers Design Erosion-Preventing Strategies in Marshes, Wetlands, Aquatic Forests

Seagrass, kelp beds, mangroves, and other aquatic vegetation are often considered “ecosystem engineers” for their ability to essentially create their own habitats: Aquatic leaves and reeds slow the flow of water, encouraging sediments to settle nearby to form a foundation on which more plants can grow.

Now researchers at MIT have developed a simple model that can help scientists understand how and when sediments move through a region of aquatic vegetation, such as a wetland. The researchers say engineers may use this model to design better ways to restore seagrass, mangroves, and other underwater plant beds. For example, using the model, scientists may be able to identify locations where aquatic vegetation may be less prone to erosion.

Yang and her colleagues —Heidi Nepf, the Donald and Martha Harleman Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, and postdoc Francois Kerger — have published their results in the journal Water Resources Research.

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PGI Rebrands as AVINTIV

Polymer Group International (PGI), which made a big entry into geosynthetics only a couple years ago in acquiring Fiberweb and its key TYPAR Geosynthetics and Terram brands, is changing its corporate brand. In a release, the company noted it will now be known as AVINTIV.

The new name combines “advanced,” “inventive,” and “innovative.”

“The unveiling of our new name is the culmination of our successful efforts to transform into a unified specialty materials company,” said Joel Hackney, AVINTIV’s chief executive officer in the official announcement. “Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to bring four companies together to create a powerful portfolio of technologies, products and services. The AVINTIV name embodies our progress, our scale, and our ambitions to continue driving growth and innovation.”

The TYPAR Geosynthetics line, which includes one of the oldest, continually produced geotextiles in the world (Typar), is part of AVINTIV’s High Performance Solutions portfolio, which is focused on developing materials “that deliver a performance or environmental advantage over existing and alternative technologies for infrastructure and transportation….”

The rebranding of PGI as AVINTIV applies only to the company; it does not impact geosynthetic product brands.

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New Ohio Distributor

HydroStraw, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Green Valley Seed to our HydroStraw Distributor Lineup. Green Valley Seed is a supplier of quality grass seeds since 1966. Green Valley also offers Fertilizer, Erosion Control Products, Hydroseeding Supplies, Chemicals, Food Plot Seed, and Equipment Sales and Rentals. For more information on HydroStraw Products in this area please contact:

Green Valley Seed • Jeff Hum 1-800-535-7882, grassseed4u@aol.com or visit www.greenvalleyseed.com

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Solmax Launches the HLR Series – Hot Liquid Rated Liners

Growing market expectations require new high performance materials. Solmax’s latest innovation is its patent pending HLR (Hot Liquid Rated) Series of geomembranes.

With its unique blend of special resins and additive package, this series of hot liquid resistant geomembranes offers the same hydrostatic strength and long-term durability as traditional HDPE Geomembranes do at typical service temperatures. Solmax’s goal is to consistently provide high quality products and meet high market demands.

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